Tell us about your event and we will recommend a band for you. We have worked with all of Denvers great musicians and bands and can offer this advice.

Some Do's and Don'ts

Do - Decide what style or style of music you want. Keep in mind that most bands have a main style and can "cover" a couple of other styles as well, but no band does every style well. If you want a band that covers swing music of the 1940s they may not do well with music of 2011. Try to get a sense of both what you like and what you think your crowd will enjoy. Very few wedding receptions go over well with strictly playing the songs you like. To have a fun party for everyone it can take some time and compromise to come up with just the right band. Keep in mind that you may have an idea what you want but this may be your first time putting together an event. Find a band that has played for hundreds of successful events and ask there opinion as to what works well.

Don't - Force your taste in music onto the crowd.

Do - make a few song requests

Don't over manage the band. Some people want to give the band a list of all of there favorite songs. This usually kills a party, instead give the band a few songs and let them pick the rest. They do this for a living and obviously make a living at it because they are successful. They want your party to go well and believe it or not have way more experience than you or your wedding planner in making it work.

Do tell the band want type of music you like.

Don't give the band too many styles to play. We will sometimes get a request that looks like this:

"We need a band to play rock and swing. We also like Salsa and Celtic music." It may seem cool to want a band that plays a vast range of musical style, but a successful event will focus more on one style and do it well as opposed to a hodge podge of a bit of everything.

Any band that says they can to all of that well is feeding you a line. Find out what the band does well and hire them for that. You can certainly request songs, but keep in mind that the more songs you request that the band doesn't already play is going to take the band and the party out of the comfort zone and into the "twilight zone". You want things to be relaxed and not scarry.

Do Ask for the band's play list.

Don't ask the band to play a bunch of songs that are not on the list.

Do get a professional band. Many times we want to get a bargain band, but you really do get what you pay for. Find out if the musicians are members of the local musicians professional union. Ask to go here the band live. Find out if they have played at your venue before. Most good bands have played at the populaar Denver venues many times and will be comfortable with the load in, set up, manager and other nuances of the venue. Find out what other groups the band members play with. This seems like an unusual question but the truth is the great players don't just play with one band but are in high demand by many local contractors.

Don't get a band that rehearses a lot. Again, this may seem strange but really great party bands rehearse very seldom because they know the music well, perform contantly, and are excellent at their craft to not need to rehearse often. Amatuers rehearse all of the time because they take a lot longer to "get it" and may struggle to execute passages that a pro would have no trouble with.

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