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How to choose:

A DJ can make or break your event. It is important to get to know the DJ first before signing the contract. Many DJs come and go. You do not want a fly-by-night working your event. Should you decide to use a DJ instead of live music, here are some suggestions:

Look at your guest list and try to estimate what style of music or songs they would like. You can take this a step further and send out an email survey like this one:

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While a DJ has access to thousands of songs, you don't want to micro-manage the event with only songs that you like. Unless you have a very eclectic taste, you may be killing the party vibe of the event by insisting on too many of your own favorites. A great DJ has done this many times and should have a sense of what is working with the crowd.

A great DJ is also an outstanding announcer. Make sure to visit some of our DJs' gigs, and check out his/her voice and crowd engagement.

At LMS, we have several DJs. Ask for "D-Joe the DJ", and he will happy to assist you with your special event.! D-Joe can announce for events featuring our live groups.

Call us for assistance in putting together the musical package for your event.

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