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An elegant piano soloist can add just the right touch to your special event. Just like there are many different styles of events, there are many different styles of piano music. Let us know if you prefer jazz, classical, country, or some mixture of styles.

Piano with other instruments:

  • Piano and Cello
  • Piano and Flute
  • Piano and Violin

Piano, Violin and Cello:

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Our team of solo pianists includes:

David Brussel piano



David plays with the Colorado Symphony and can be seen most Thursday nights playing piano at the Mercury Cafe.






Byron Gray



Byron has been playing piano since he was 4 years old. He has played with the DYAO and the Cherry Creek Youth Sympony. He was featured as an AMTA Premier Performer in 2007 and 2009. In 2009 he graduated with a diploma from the National Guild of Piano Teachers and also recieved the Paderewski Medal.





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wedding strings colorado




1. Do you bring a keyboard?

Yes, we can bring a keyboard for outdoor events or in venues that have no piano. However, many venues have a piano and we prefer to use the piano at the venue. On rare occasions we have had to rent a piano and hire movers.

2. Do you attend the rehearsal?

We usually do not attend the rehearsal. We have performed hundrends of weddings and find that the information we need is acquired during the consultation. We are happy to send one of our representatives to the rehearasal but this requires a fee.

3. Do you play other songs than those on the list?

Yes, however it is very important to note that some songs may require the purchase of sheet music.

4. Do you sing and play

Yes, we have several singer/pianists available in a variety of styles.


rock string quartet

Cloud 9 Rock String Quartet (Rock songs)

We recieve many request to perform popular rock tunes with the string quartet. For this purpose we have Cloud 9 Rock String Quartet. Cloud 9 can play with electric instruments or with the standard accoustic strings. if you are choosing to have rock tunes we recommend using Cloud 9. Here is a link to our special Cloud 9 website. Link

The Victorian String Quartet