String Duet violin and cello denver

The Victorian String Duo performs for weddings and special events. The repertoire consists primarily of classical works by the great master composers such as Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. the string duo is ideal for smaller events of less than 100 guests.

Duo Combinations:

violin and cello

flute cello
flute or violin or cello and harp
flute or violin or cello and guitar

trumpet and cello


wedding strings live classical music denver

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string duo denver colorado violin and cello

Duo at Stonebrook Manor





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rock string quartet

Cloud 9 Rock String Quartet (Rock songs)

We recieve many request to perform popular rock tunes with the string quartet. For this purpose we have Cloud 9 Rock String Quartet. Cloud 9 can play with electric instruments or with the standard accoustic strings. if you are choosing to have rock tunes we recommend using Cloud 9. Here is a link to our special Cloud 9 website. Link


The Victorian String Quartet